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Welcome to the new way to manage health

On average*, employees enrolled in the Proactive Health Management Plan see an increase in each paycheck! After your enrollment is complete, you will receive an email and a phone call from us to review your enrollment, determine the potential increase in your paycheck, and review the many benefits and savings of the Proactive Health Management Plan in more detail.

* Actual number dependent upon an individual’s tax situation. An estimate will be provided during enrollment.

The Proactive Health Management Plan includes a limited benefit health insurance plan providing our covered members fully insured indemnity benefits. The plan also provides health and lifestyle coaches specializing in fields ranging from personal training to life coaching. The Proactive Health Management Plan initiates and reinforces behavioral changes. That means making better choices with the aim of lasting health and greater productivity.

PHMP benefits

    The PHMP plan also offers key differentiators like:

    • The PHMP is a fully insured limited benefit health plan designed to provide preventative, diagnostic, maintenance services and health coaching for employees centered on Population Health Improvement and Medical Risk Management.

    • The PHMP is underwritten by Companion Life, an A+ (Superior) rated insurance company by AM Best and Companion Life is a BCBS affiliate
    • The PHMP is complementary to an employer's existing benefit package. It is neither a replacement for a substitution for any existing health insurance plan or other coverages the employer may offer.
  • Regarding employee engagement techniques, the disease management protocols adhered to, and the data analytics generated that are centered on disease management and population health imprement are backed and protected by four (4) U.S. Patents covering over 2 million people. These patents do not expire until 2030.

  • The unique plan design of the PHMP combined with the financial structure of utilizing the applicable tax codes (IRS Section 125) provides the employer with a guaranteed Return on Investment (ROI) through payroll tax savings of more than $300 per year per employee participating. Furthermore, AHDI through the patented processes has a proven decades-long track record of reducing medical spend on average of 11-17% per annum beginning 2nd year.

  • Employees will also be able to save on out-of-pocket medical expenses through the use of geofencing technology, advanced comparative healthcare services pricing tools, as well as, be able to reduce their Rx expenses by participating in the PHMP. Savings of hundred and potentially thousands of dollars per year can be realized through the use of the PHMP.


If you're interested in learning more about the PHMP or want to use it for your business, give us a call!